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The Jameld Dictionary is available here in PDF format. A new 2021 version of the dictionary is in preparation and will be published here in parts.

A couple of samples are shown below to illustrate the layout.

Dictionary sample Dictionary sample 2

The files use fonts that are legally authorised Jameld versions of the Bitstream Vera (aka DejaVu) family, named Verdindass NJ1 and Verdin Serif NJ1. (You don't need to download the fonts, as they are embedded in the PDFs, but you can get them here if you like. The "NJ1" suffix is to differentiate these fonts from older fonts of a slightly different design and which use a different character set - specifically, ts and g^ have moved. All the old fonts have now been retired and are deprecated because they are not compatible with the new encoding.)

Older files (new, much-revised and massively expanded versions are in preparation):

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