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Jameld dialect/isogloss maps

Expanded documentation of Jameld is currently under preparation, including information about dialects. To that end, the following isogloss maps have been prepared. They are, of course, at this stage merely drafts. Please forgive their quick-and-dirty nature and the fact that I have not been consistent in my use of slashes and square brackets. In due course I will polish all this stuff up for inclusion in the grand dictionary/grammar/encyclopaedia project.

A general note on dialects: there are three main dialects (see the tenth map below):

Bear in mind that these are real places in northern Alsace upon which I have imagined an alternative reality. In the real world, just about every village has (or had) its own dialect of Alsatian German. The lines and placenames on the maps refer to princings (administrative districts that include from 3 to 10 villages or small towns), and the borders follow in many cases natural boundaries, mainly chains of forested hills.

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