Nmb 3
Okt 1993

Te t~südaeskrïrin ew te Britaz Jameld Zolidaton. Binüvretani tïs-yurag^a.
The journal of the British Jameld Association. Published semiannually.


Welcome to issue three of Zolid Matters, the exceedingly vague and vaguely excessive newsletter of the BJZ. Its purpose, as I trust is by now obvious, is to provide information about the current status of all things Jameldic to those who are interested, and to bewilder anyone else unfortunate enough to be passing.

Translation Projects

Since ZM2, work on the book of Jude has been completed, and the whole of the first letter of John has also been translated into Jameld. This means that the chunk from 1 John to Revelation (Volume One, or Volume Fifty-Three, as you will) is done, and as soon as I can get the technology organized (oquo yura, necht yura, anst~süda, na zë...) I will get it printed up, for the perusal and enjoyance of all. Don't hold your breath for Genesis to 2 Peter, though. Oh - you weren't.


This project is officially dormant. But then, so was Mount St. Helens, and you know what that did.

Mediæval Whimsy

As hinted in ZM1 (and vast amounts of interest it caused), Geoffrey Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales" have succumbed to the Jameld treatment, at least in part. Here is a brief snippet, from the Merchant's Prologue, of the historical language that never was, followed by the original text for the benefit of members not fluent in mock-14th-Century Middle Jameld.

'Buuhmonn,' searmæ venuw gestmester, 'zo Got þea zeyen,
Bisilt boua uqvuw arkust so weeþ þe kænn,
Mol hertad me prek þea tall iven.'
'Vere,' searmæ e, 'hnia ev meuw eyn lend,
Patsirts` hertuw traun meuw tallin mot end.'

'Now,' quod oure Hoost, 'Marchaunt, so God yow blesse,
Syn ye so muchel knowen of that art,
Ful hertely I pray yow telle us part.'
'Gladly,' quod he, 'but of myn owene soore,
For soory herte, I telle may namoore.'

And you thought I was joking. So did I, actually.

World Forum

The address below is the place to write to if you require any information about Jameld, J2 or related subjects. Please address all letters to Sigmund V. Bollweevil at the Obscure Enquiries Desk, and a reply will be forthcoming.

Inek nümbron vour - Hauf!

© 1993 JJ, for BJZ.

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