Nmb 2
Äpr 1993

Te t~südaeskrïrin ew te Britaz Jameld Zolidaton. Binüvretani tïs-yurag^a.
The journal of the British Jameld Association. Published semiannually.


Welcome to issue two of Zolid Matters, the occasionally vague and even more occasionally informative newsletter of the BJZ. New readers are cautiously welcomed (the caution being on the part of the reader), as are contributions (non-fiscal, for publication), comments (non-destructive, for guidance) and suggestions (now hold on there).


Last year's decennial celebrations of Jameld's beginnings passed uneventfully; so uneventfully, in fact, that hardly anyone realizes that this project has been running for over ten years, as if anyone cared. Tickertape was conspicuous by its absence, which is probably just as well.

Oh Freddled Gruntbuggly

Massed warblings may shortly be heard in scattered pockets of Jameld-speakers, as half-crumpled song sheets are recovered from the dog basket and under-the-stairs cupboard in preparation for the first mass rendition of "Ohnethemi und Nädi." (Sharp-witted readers will note that the aforementioned recovery and discrumpling will not be occasioned at Jameld Towers, due to the permanent underpresence of any dogs, or indeed stairs. Papyrine rustlings will be in evidence, however, as the Association Secretary attempts to locate his copy of Earplug Manufacturers' Quarterly while there is yet time.) The said lyrical offering is not the first Jameldic song, although this does not mean that it won't be the last. It took ages. Rumours of a forthcoming book of songs in Jameld are, mercifully, entirely without grounds, and will be vigorously denied - until I submit to madness and do another one.


Revelation having been completed, the task in hand moves on to the Letter of Jude. (Yes, I'm going backwards. No change there then.) Tricky stuff, some of it, but it's only short. As of now, about a third has been completed.

An Missa ï Zolidaton'ü Tmezes

Ven igé känne tes oquo Jameld langui na jist rëelg^a impörtat. Wauzë, yod pag^é ben anstes simpél und, sï, éfen pünktmönös int e[s]ü eléf, anstes tes helneg^fäo wïfen för te sorges und pohnes ew oquo zistum. Jameld jist pünktmönös und dohm tag^é vor oquo. Et na binuthfäo te wérlt, hnyo üquü na jist etü werkï, yib? Wëth kothixes ï iyen vor resin oquo missa.

The Howl of Feedback

If you feel that any important words have been omitted from the dictionary and vocabulary update sheets, please let me know. Jameld is still growing!

Inek te necht (ven huv) - Hauf!

© 1993 JJ, for BJZ.

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