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Okt 1992

Te t~südaeskrïrin ew te Britaz Jameld Zolidaton. Binüvretani tïs-yurag^a.
The journal of the British Jameld Association. Published semiannually.


Welcome to issue one of 'Zolid Matters', the vaguely occasional and even more vaguely informative newsletter of the BJZ. The idea is to keep members up-to-date with the totally insignificant developments of Jameld and all things Jameldically related. Suggestions are welcome, although preferably not written in purple crayon on black sugar paper (thank you, Dan Quayle).

The Jameld Dictionary

The Special Decennial Edition of the Zeugma Publications English-Jameld / Jameld-English Dictionary was published earlier this year. Initial response to this booklet has been favourable, apart from one critic who suggested that the paper used could have been better utilized in piscio-solanic encapsulation (yes, wrapping fish and chips). Further copies are available for the modest contribution of GBP1.25 (photocopying isn't as cheap as it used to be).

Literary Developments

The translation into Jameld of the Bible book of Revelation has now been completed, and the text should be prepared for printing by the end of 1992. The following is a sample:

7 Past~s oquo me vismä vour angiles starin ohn te vour kornes ew t'ert, huin thitg^a te vour fintes ew t'ert, zo tes na fint blajon ohn t'ert n'ëg^ ohn te miyr n'ëg^ ohn yüé abaumt. 2 Und me vismä androthaxé angil opzovatin wrun te sonnenopt, kavin an zëyel ew t'elévin Got; und e h'otchrijmä kum't an laudi vos ï te vour angiles ï wig et 'mä ïyibi hermen t'ert und te miyr, 3 säirin: "Na hermyën t'ert n'ëg^ te miyr n'ëg^ t'abaumtes, inek past~s ven zëyelave te t~skalafes ew venü Got ohn temü vorchadofes."

The next project will be Chaucer's 'Canterbury Tales', in authentic mediæval-style Jameld. Er, maybe.


Work on J2, Jameld's pseudo-Slavic sister language, has been suspended for the time being, mainly because there are too many other things to do. This small-scale project is not dead, however, merely dormant. 'Gøvorz`øs` nee minøkø 'b Dz`eetuu!'


Requests for translations of specific words into Jameld or for other Jameld-related information should be sent to Blart Versenwald III at the usual address. The Lord High Sanvalvwag of Hollop's waveform has temporarily collapsed, and he is therefore unavailable for comment (and indeed incapable of sentient activity of any sort).

Inek te necht - Hauf!

© 1992 JJ, for BJZ.

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