Fizz-buzz-ding-crash is an extended form of the traditional maths-teacher's method of torture, a game named 'Fizz-buzz' whereby the players (going round in a circle) count. The counting's the easy bit: any number that contains the digit 3 or is divisible by 3 is instead uttered as 'fizz', and any number that contains the digit 5 or is divisible by 5 is uttered as 'buzz'. Hence, the game would begin: One, two, fizz, four, buzz, fizz, seven, eight, fizz, buzz ... and so on. Fifteen, of course, becomes fizz-buzz, as do 30, 35, 53 and so on.

Fizz-buzz-ding-crash (as you will have guessed) extends the principle, such that 7 is replaced by 'ding' and prime numbers are replaced by 'crash' -- a suitably enjoyable or mind-bending challenge, depending on your perspective.

One, crash, fizz-crash, four, buzz-crash, fizz, ding-crash, eight, fizz, buzz, crash, fizz, fizz-crash ...

1753, naturally enough, becomes fizz-buzz-ding-crash, if you get that far. There may well be smaller primes which qualify, but we haven't checked.